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Win a £50 gift card from Blanche Allure

Blanche Allure
Check out their website

Who wants to win £50 to spend on Blanche Allure's pretty clothes? 😍 You can spend it on anything you like on the website! To enter, just hit 'join competition' below, then share this post to your story on Instagram! You can enter as many times as you like - the more you enter the better your chances of winning! ✨ If you need more Desyr Points✨ : ✍️ writing a review earns you 5 Points, 👍 upvoting helpful reviews earns you 1 Point, 👯‍♀️ Inviting a friend to join earns you 20 Points (DM us if you do this!). Good luck!

Winners will be annnounced on 14-8-2022

Entry fee: 8 desyr coins

You have 0 Desyr coins remaining, post reviews to earn more points!

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Win a bundle of wellness teas 🍵
Start date: 06-7-2022
End date: 18-7-2022
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Win all 3 packs of these natural wellness teas, worth over £45! There are 3 tea packs: one to promote sleep 😴, one for digestion 🤰, and one for heal

Won By:
Win 4 New Look bags
Start date: 14-6-2022
End date: 30-6-2022
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Want to win 4 brand new bags from the Gemma Collins X New Look range? Well now's your chance! To enter, all you have to do is click 'Join Competition'

Won By:
Win a £30 ASOS gift card!
Start date: 09-5-2022
End date: 30-5-2022
Entry fee: 20

✍️ Post reviews to win prizes! Win yourself the outfit that you've had your eye on from asos 👀 If you need the Desyr points to enter, just post some

Won By:
Win 3 Ted Baker phone cases from Proporta!
Start date: 09-3-2022
End date: 23-3-2022
Entry fee: 15

Win 3 designer phone cases from Proporta! 😍 You can pick any 3 Ted Baker phone cases from their official phone case partner. 👏 It’s up to you whethe

Won By:
WIN a mylee ‘The Full Works’ - gel nails kit 💅
Start date: 28-11-2021
End date: 24-12-2021
Entry fee: 15

WIN a full world mylee nail kit for Christmas! Now you can always have professional nails at home 😍💅 this kit is worth £155! We know that this is go

Won By:
Win £30 to spend on Black Friday Sales!
Start date: 15-11-2021
End date: 25-11-2021
Entry fee: 15

Win £30 CASH to spend on your Black Friday wish list! We felt like buying some stuff for you, but we’ll let you choose what it is - you can get the ca

Won By:
Win a Wild Refill pack!
Start date: 19-10-2021
End date: 04-11-2021
Entry fee: 8

Have you ever wanted to try Wild deodorant? Now's you chance! You can win a case + 3 refills of any scent you want! Choose between Autumnal scents lik

Won By:
Win an ASOS gift card!
Start date: 08-8-2021
End date: 24-8-2021
Entry fee: 12

Who wants £20 to spend on whatever they like on ASOS?! 🤩 click join competition to enter! The more times you click, the more chances you’ll have of w

Won By:
Win a Fiils Hair Duo Starter Kit with 2 months of refills!
Start date: 18-7-2021
End date: 01-8-2021
Entry fee: 7

Here’s your chance to win a Fiils hair Duo Starter Kit with 2 months of free refills! This brand are all about encouraging more sustainable hair washi

Won By:
Win 3 beautiful prints!
Start date: 07-7-2021
End date: 19-7-2021
Entry fee: 9

Here's your chance to win 3 prints from the amazing brand HannahNolloth! You can choose any 3 from her brand's Etsy page, which you can see by clickin

Won By:
Win a Moonlamp humidifier!
Start date: 15-6-2021
End date: 06-7-2021
Entry fee: 25

One of our best competitions yet! You can win your own Moonlamp humidifier! This lamp comes in the gorgeous shape of the moon with 2 light settings. A

Won By:
Win a candle & wax melts 🕯
Start date: 23-5-2021
End date: 05-6-2021
Entry fee: 6

You can never have too many candles. So we’ve collaborated with Blooming Wallflower to give you the chance to win a hand poured soy wax candle & melts

Won By:
Win a rose ring & universe ring 🌹🪐
Start date: 28-4-2021
End date: 12-5-2021
Entry fee: 4

You can win 2 gorgeously rustic handmade rings by Rings Boutique ✨ The winner will get 2 rings; 🌹 1 rose ring 🪐 1 universe ring customised to you

Won By: