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Who should I contact if there is a problem with my order?

Desyr is a fashion reviews platform where you can browse customer photos and reviews of fashion products. We redirect you to the retailer’s product page from where the review product was purchased via a link. All orders are packed and sent out by the retailer who you ordered your product from and to whom you made your payment. Please contact the retailer’s customer care team if there is a problem with your order.

Can I review an item if it has been gifted by a brand/retailer?

Yes, you may review an item which has been gifted to you by a brand or retailer. However, your review must remain completely impartial, true and honest. You should not write anything which a retailer has specifically asked or told you to say, in exchange for the gift. Please see our terms and conditions for more information on Content and Your Responsibility while using our platform.

Can I feature my brand on Desyr?

Our reviews platform is powered by user-generated content. If you would specifically like to make sure that your product ends up being reviewed on our platform, there are two ways;

  1. You can get in touch with us and send us some products. We’ll then allocate the product(s) to suitable Desyr Ambassadors to write an impartial and honest review.
  2. You can get in touch with us and partner with Desyr for a competition. The competitions feature brands as well as their prizes (usually a product or voucher)

Why isn’t the see in shop button taking me to the right product

page? We’re still in our earliest days of starting up Desyr. The web app is still a prototype. We ask our users to supply a link to wherever they made the purchase of the item which they are reviewing. We are not able to review all of the links and cannot therefore confirm that they work or that they will take you to the right page. The retailer may adjust the links on which you can find the product which will mean that the original links do not work. If a link isn’t working, you can let us know by clicking on the report button on the review and clicking whatever it is we’d suggest that you type in the product name onto the brand or retailers website.

Why isn’t the price on the review the same as on the Retailer’s

website? We’re still in our earliest days of starting up Desyr. The web app is still a prototype. We ask our users to enter a price of the product. They will likely enter the price which they paid for it, though there may be a discrepancy compared with the product price which you find on the retailers website. The retailer can alter the price of their products and start and end discounts or promotions at their own discretion.

Do you know when a retailer’s product will be back in stock?

We cannot confirm if or when a product will be back in stock. You may be able to find the answer by contacting the retailer. If you click on a review and it turns out the product is out of stock, you can report it as out of stock via the report button on the review. We can then update the review to make sure that everyone else knows that it’s out of stock.

How can I reduce my fashion waste?

Shop savvy.

One of Desyr’s aims is to help you to reduce your fashion waste. Ways in which you can do this are;

  • Read reviews on Desyr - if you know that a product typically won’t be good for you from reading a review then you won’t go through the order/return process. This alone creates a lot of emissions from the travel.
  • Upload your own reviews to Desyr - by uploading reviews you can help other people avoid going through this wasteful process by seeing what's looking good on people of their size/shape/skin tone/height etc.
  • Support sustainable lines and brands - these tend to be the ones which produce less waste!
  • Take care of your clothes - don’t give up on them and throw them in the bin! If they can’t be resold or donated to charity, try to sew/mend them or take them to a textile recycling bank! A quick internet search will show you one nearby

How do I earn Desyr coins?

Desyr Coins Desyr coins are earned by users in the app by performing certain behaviours. The coins are held in an account wallet and can be exchanged on a marketplace. The coins reward users for their contribution to the community. Behaviour that rewards coins: Posting a review → 5 coins Posting a review with a link → 10 coins Noting a review helpful → 1 point For the moment coins can only be exchanged against entries into our competitions but a marketplace with more ways to exchange your coins will be launched soon into the future.

How do Desyr Competitions work?

Desyr Competitions feature prizes from brands. We reward you guys for posting product reviews with Desyr Coins, which you can save up to enter into these competitions. Each competition may have a different price depending on the prize on offer. You can enter a competition as many times as you like, depending on how many Desyr coins an entry requires and how many Desyr coins you have. Winners will be selected completely at random and you will be contacted by email if you have won. Don’t forget to check your junk email!

Why was my review taken down?

If we find that you have violated our Terms and Conditions for using Desyr’s services, your review may be removed from our platform and we may ban your account. Please make sure to read our Terms and Conditions.

How do I update my information?

Most of your information - email, username, date of birth - can be updated from the profile page by clicking on “Update profile”. If you wish to change information that is not accessible you can send us a request at [email protected].

How do I delete my account?

For the moment it is impossible to delete your account straight from the app. If you wish to delete your account you can send a request at [email protected].