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Asos design curve bell flare jeans in clean black with pressed crease








Brand: ASOS DESIGNSize ordered: 24Returned£21.00
First off, excuse my jazz hands I was showing a friend what they looked like 😂 I really liked these jeans at first as I'd never tried flared/bell bottom jeans before and I love 70'style so I went into shock with excitement 😁 After trying them on a few more times I felt the denim was a tad too stiff for my liking. It's also that denim where every loose fibre or hair just sticks to it! I brought a size 24 as this is what asos recommended me. The 24 fit my legs but the waist was far too big as my waist is usually a size 20. I'm 5ft3 and these were very long on me, I would've had to take about 5 inches off the bottom. So I returned these and brought another pair from asos which recently went on sale and they fit great.
#Jeans#Flares#Black#Plus Size
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Shape: Pear
Top size: 20
Bottom size: 22
Height: 162cm
Shoe size: 7

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