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Blue Deep Universe Denim Mom Jeans🌜🌞







Brand: Minga LondonSize ordered: 6Kept£44.00
Saw these GORGEOUS trousers on Instagram and debated buying them for about 100 years before copping them in a moment of weakness last week. They’re super unique and a gorgeous statement piece, which works perfectly for me as I like to wear attention-seeking clothing apparently 🌝. When they arrived they looked just as good as they do on the website - however I am ~uncertain~ about the longevity of product as the sun and moon design, as well as the blue of them denim is printed onto what feels like a low quality denim, as opposed to the design being embroidered on true denim (you can see what I mean, as when I roll up the bottoms, the denim is actually white ??¿). Basically am worried that they’ll look minging after a few washes if the print fades - but i’ll keep you all updated xo Additionally these are those type of jeans which fit your legs fab, but are big enough fit to a family of 4 and their pet rabbit at the waist (pic 3) - annoying, but easily amended with a belt (and on a more practical note, leaves a lot of room for a foodbaby). Honestly, I will be keeping them regardless of it’s flaws as I think they actually look fantastic, are super comfortable and make my bum look massive (!!!), however, I would have expected a slightly better quality product for the amount I paid. @ayooluwa_ #DesyrReviews
#Jeans#Mom#High waisted
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Shape: Strawberry
Top size: 8
Bottom size: 6
Height: 164cm
Shoe size: 5.5

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