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Light Blue Bermuda Denim Shorts







Brand: MissguidedSize ordered: 12Kept£20.00
I've been on the hunt for the perfect bermuda shorts as I feel that they're so versatile and are definitely going to be a statement piece must have this summer. I love how they look on and I can easily pair them with different outfits as I feel that it has that perfect 'denim' shade. I will say however that I ordered a size 12 in hopes that they will be slightly loser but they definitely fit more like a size 10. If you have a similar body shape to me and don't like very tight fitted jeans I would suggest going up 2 sizes! If you do like a very tight fit around your waist i'd say definitely stay true to size. Happy shopping! xx
#Jeans#High waisted#Blue#Main Collection#High rise
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Shape: Cherries
Top size: 10
Bottom size: 12
Height: 160cm
Shoe size: 4

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