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Gimme space wide leg jeans







Brand: Nasty GalSize ordered: 8Kept£30.00
These are a bit of a tricky one cos i actually rlly like how they look....its just they are actually huge lol. I ordered a size 8 but they deffo deffo aren’t true to size, like i get that they are oversized n i love that look i just wish they were as fitted around the waist as advertised. If ur gonna order i’d recommend getting the size down or maybe even two sizes ngl if you don’t like them this baggy. THIS SAID the leg shape and length are beaut and i genuinely really like them hahaha so i kept them for my more adventurous days this summer. Midriff is the new cleavage right ????? Xxxxxxxx
#Jeans#Other#Denim#Denim jacket#Wide leg
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Shape: Cherries
Top size: 8
Bottom size: 8
Height: 168cm
Shoe size: 6

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