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High Waisted Floral Split Hem Midi Skirt







Brand: Nasty GalSize ordered: 4Returned£18.75
I’ve always been a bit weary with Nasty Gal as my experiences in the past with them haven’t been the greatest & now I remember why. I’m a size 6/8 when it comes to bottoms but this skirt was a size 4 but honestly it gives me size 10 vibes - it’s quite big for me. It does not sit at all where I’d hope & not only that, but the skirt wasn’t even cut properly! One of the slits were still sewn together!! Honestly a poor effort in my opinion. I was aiming for a cute summer vibe but ended up looking quite the opposite. It’s a no from me.
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Shape: Strawberry
Top size: 8
Bottom size: 6
Height: 168cm
Shoe size: 5.5

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