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Noisy May petite relaxed high waist jeans in ecru







Brand: NoisymaySize ordered: W24 L28Kept£30.00
All in all I love these jeans. As someone who is quite short I find it hard finding jeans that fit, but these are perfect, high waist with no need to roll at the bottom (a miracle), and super comfy. The material is sort of between corduroy and white denim which I love, and I’d say the colour is just off white. I don’t really have anything bad to say about these other than the fact for mum jeans they could maybe be a slightly less skinny fit, but otherwise for the price would defo recommend!👌🏻 @emilyroselat #DesyrReviews
#Jeans#High waisted#High waisted#Super high waisted#High waisted
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Shape: Hourglass
Top size: 6
Bottom size: 4
Height: 182cm
Shoe size: 1

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