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Knot a Mirage (A Miracle in a dress)







Brand: Oh PollySize ordered: 8Kept£42.00
This dress is so simple yet so effective and stunning! I brought this dress for my end of year law ball and as I am short maxi/midi dresses do not suit me! This is a mini dress in a burnt orange colour which compliments my skin tone and hair! Easy fit, simple design and styling with a satin feel to the fabric looks expensive and not cheap! I originally brought a size 10 (as with oh polly you usually size up) but I actually had to get the dress in my actual size (I was shocked)!
#Dresses#Mini#Prom#Party#Formal#Summer#Orange#Main Collection
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Shape: Cherries
Top size: 10
Bottom size: 10
Height: 155cm
Shoe size: 5.5

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