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Cloud pattern rib knit crop jumper







Brand: SHEIN Size ordered: mKept£15.99
Ive been on the hunt for some nice jumpers because I feel like the majority of the ones I own are super old and they’re not nice enough to wear out the house! I was so excited to get this one snd I wasn’t disappointed 😍 I adore the pattern Im a sucker for clouds! Plus blue is my colour. It doesn’t look that soft in the model image but it genuinely looks nicer in real life. It’s knitted and I’m worried that over time it will get some holes in it from wear and tear but I’m going to try my best to take good care of it! Overall I love it’s my new favourite jumper 💙☁️
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Shape: Pear
Top size: 8
Bottom size: 10
Height: 167cm
Shoe size: 5.5

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