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Solid bustier crop tube top







Brand: SHEINSize ordered: 8Kept£8.49
I ordered this because it looked like a great ‘dupe’ of the Zara brown leather corset type top. I do like how it looks but unfortunately when I wear it it definitely rolls up a little bit. I haven’t worn it out yet and I’m a bit worried because I think it will move about and really risk a nip slip 😂😂😂 I’ll probably use some sort of tape to stay on the safe side! Wish me luck x You can also see the clasps on the back but tbh I’m not really bothered by that
#Tops#Bandeau#Crop top#Sleeveless#Brown
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Shape: Pear
Top size: 8
Bottom size: 10
Height: 167cm
Shoe size: 5.5

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