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Upcycled Jeans







Brand: ZaraSize ordered: 12Kept£19.99
I first bought these jeans a few years ago in Zara when they were on sale, I decided to get a size up as I wanted them to be loose fitting on the legs and more casual. I was really pleased with how they looked on the legs but always had to wear them with a tight belt to get them to go in at the waist and not fall down (I know SO many girls have this issue!) I hadn’t worn them much recently and was close to donating them or giving them away, but I decided to try and tailor them myself with elastic in the waist and now they fit perfectly! I also got carried away and did some embroidery on the pockets, giving these old jeans a new lease of life! 🌈 This has definitely made me think about how I can upcycle clothes in the future, rather than simply buying new all the time.
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Shape: Cherries
Top size: 8
Bottom size: 10
Height: 171cm
Shoe size: 5.5