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Black Faux Leather High Collar Drop Arm Oversized Puffer Jacket








Brand: Pretty Little Thing Size ordered: 10£45.00
My favourite coat of the moment. I desperately needed a warm coat because I only had jackets and I was freeeeeeezing! This coat kept me warm in the mountains of Scotland so it did it’s job! I got it on such a good discount too, only spending around £26 so it was a right bargain. Warm + cute is a win for me! My one complaint is the pockets. They’re so shallow and half my phone always hangs out. Random people have pointed it out to me telling me to be careful incase it falls out!
#Jackets and Coats#Coat#Black#Main Collection
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Shape: Pear
Top size: 8
Bottom size: 10
Height: 167cm
Shoe size: 5.5

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